In the Common Room of Kavli IPMU: Viewing a world map indicating the researchers' places of origin

A team tour visited University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus


On July 11th, three groups of the Czech Republic, France, and Italy contestants visited the University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus.

The contestants listening to an explanation about the supercomputer

The University of Tokyo established first the Hongo Campus, then Komaba Campus, and lastly, in 2000, the Kashiwa Campus, which contains several research centers such as the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, Kavli IPMU. It is now one of the most active international research centers.

In the lecture room of Kavli IPMU, listening to a lecture by Professor Todor Milanov

They toured the supercomputer at the Information Technology Center and the Kavli IPMU.

Group photo in front of the Information Tecnology Center

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