Belarusian contestant being shown how to hold a racket by the tour guide

Socialising at a sporting event


On July 11, a sports event was held at Kanda University of Foreign Studies located in Miham-ku, Chiba City, for contestants who wished to participate. Football in the morning and tennis in the afternoon. 8 players and 1 guide played tennis. The players arrived at the venue, a 20 minute walk from the hotel where they were staying, at around 2pm. Although the weather was unfortunately extremely hot, the players and student volunteers played doubles in a mixed team and enjoyed socialising and playing against each other for two and a half hours.

Mexican contestants enjoying tennis

Local high school students attending the open campus of Kanda University of Foreign Languages participated unofficially, and there was even a moment when a contestant, good at tennis, taught the high school students how to play tennis. Sporting events will be held over three days during the congress.

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