Mini-Lecture by Professor Jin Akiyama at the Mathematics Experience Museum

A team tour visited the Tokyo University of Science Mathematics Experience Museum


On July 11th, a team tour consisting of 10 groups was conducted. One group visited the Mathematics Experience Museum at the Tokyo University of Science located in Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.

The group consists of four teams from India, Belgium, Argentina, and Hong Kong.

The Indian players were captivated by the "spiral xylophone," where a rolling ball made a piece of music

The Mathematics Experience Museum is a facility opened in 2013 under the leadership of Professor Jin Akiyama, an Honorary Professor at the Tokyo University of Science. It offers a unique opportunity to "experience mathematics with all five senses." As the teams, comprising 24 players, arrived a little before 10:30 AM, they engaged with various interactive exhibits, touching and enjoying the hands-on experience.

The contestants participated in the "Mathematical Experience" of cutting open five-layer tetrahedron

At 11 o'clock, Professor Jin Akiyama delivered a mini-lecture. The "Balloon Performance" was particularly impressive, showcasing how essential mathematics is in our daily lives. The audience responded with enthusiastic applause. Afterward, each participant could experience what happens when five-layer tetrahedron is cut open.

Afterwards, the participants gathered for a group photo to commemorate the event

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